the book that will 

Get rid of that Pacifier Once and For All

in a positive and rewarding way

About the Book

Giving up the Pacifier doesn't have to be a battle anymore

Susy the Soother Fairy


Helping your child get rid of a pacifier is a very difficult task.  Luckily, we have designed the perfect pacifier weaning system that helps parents and child work through this in a positive and rewarding way.


Susy the Soother Fairy is a book designed to assist parents in getting rid of their child's soother/pacifier once and for all.

Susy is the fairy that comes to your house and takes away the soother/pacifier and replaces it with a present or a treat.

The book comes with a magic sac, you can request a personalized letter and use the video all as a tool to prepare them for the night Susy will come.


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How to get rid of the pacifier
How to get rid of the pacifier

How to get rid of the pacifier
How to get rid of the pacifier

How to get rid of the pacifier
How to get rid of the pacifier

How to get rid of the pacifier
How to get rid of the pacifier

Susy the Soother Fairy Book
Susy the Soother Fairy Book

The Book

Comes with a magic Sac!

How to use the Book

Your steps to pacifier-free success

Personalized Letter

Get a motivational letter for your child


How the Book Works

Your 5 steps to getting rid of the pacifier habit once and for all in a

positive and rewarding way

Start reading the book weeks before you plan on giving Susy the Soothers. 


request the personalized letter

watch the video


Ask your child often about Susy and what they hope their gift from Susy will be -

this will give

you an idea of what to get them as a gift from Susy.


Set a date with your child on when you will leave the soothers to Susy


write it on the calendar


get them excited about it, but most importantly...prepared


Read the story one last time with your child and have them put the soothers in the magic sac and leave it under their pillow.  Remind them that Susy won't come if the soothers

leave the sac. 

When they finally fall asleep (after all the excitement wears down) sneak in and take the sac and leave a beautiful present in place.  I used a nice gift bag, but you can wrap it or do whatever you like.





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Susy the Soother Fairy Video

Help ease the idea into your child's mind with a catchy song and a cute video.  All of these tools can be used with the book for ultimate success!


Available at select retailers

A couple of awesome retailers that carry Susy the Soother Fairy

Little Labels Collingwood
Inds Alive Collingwood